frickin hella woo



If I text you back fast its not because Im thirsty its because my phone was in my hand at the time. The waiting to text people back on purpose shit is childish


do you ever look at a childhood picture of yourself and think what happened??


of all the options


of all the options





I’m important in video games and sometimes that’s all that really matters


warden: no one else could have been the hero of ferelden

hawke: no one else wanted to be the champion of kirkwall

inquisitior: you guys fucked up thedas and now my hand is all glowy what the fuck guys

Bryce Cousland: Pup, you'll want to get an early night; you have much to do tomorrow.
*the Rains of Castamere starts playing*
Hawke approves +15


It’s nice how consistent the DA universe is about handing out consequences for superpowers.

  • Wanna be a Grey Warden?  Welcome to infertility, early death, and a horrible kinship with monsters. 
  • Wanna be a Templar?  Hello drug addiction, constant risk of blood mage attacks, and eventual magic alzheimers.
  • Wanna be a Mage?  Well, you don’t really have a choice, but the benefits package includes constant risk of demonic possession, which many are completely unable to cope with.

I’m dying to learn what the drawback is for the Inquisitor’s control of the rifts.  Players will apparently be able to keep going past the main story, so I figure it will be something more painful and complicated than death.


"dragon age is just a mass effect clone set in old medieval times"